Onyx Valve 4-pack
  • Onyx Valve 4-pack

    The Onyx Valve is the same design as our Permanent Valve, however made of 7075 aircraft aluminum, these valves are amazingly light, yet still strong.

    The Onyx Valves can be installed at home, from the outside of the wheel, without tire removal, in 5 minutes or less. You will need to tighten them down with a 1/2" socket wrench.

    They are stronger than normal rubber valves and will help you avoid many common valve issues up-front. They aren't indestructible, but they will take one heck of a beating. Consider them an amazing rigid valve that can be installed without breaking the bead.

    • Fits standard .453 wheel openings (everything from motorcycles to trucks)
    • Installs from the outside of the wheel
    • Less than 5 minute installation
    • 1/2" socket wrench required for installation
    • Stronger than standard rubber valves
    • Available in 4-Packs
    • Quality 7075 aircraft aluminum(black anodized)
    • Made in the USA