Meet The Team


- Jim -


Jim is a 9 year US military Veteran, 22+ year Law Enforcement Officer, and entrepreneur who loves coffee! He believes in doing the right thing for others and enjoys the outdoors. His passion for coffee has been lifelong, starting early on in his military service. He was known to take fresh coffee to the field and brew it first thing in the morning no matter where he was, often times resulting in a less that perfect brew but at least he had his morning coffee. After years of less than desirable coffees he decided to create his own coffee company so he could offer some of the best coffees available to others. In May of 2016 he presented the idea to his wife along with a hand drawing of his desired logo and Ground Pounder Coffee LLC was born. 


- Jennafer -

Distribution Manager

Jennafer is Jim's wife, she shares his love for the outdoors and coffee. She is a fun loving, kind hearted individual who enjoys meeting new friends. Jennafer has been in retail management for several years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the GPC family.


- Ryan -

Public Relations Manager

Ryan is a long time friend of the family and a rock-star when it comes to web design, social media,and of course public relations! Ryan brings energy and fun to every event he attends. GPC would not be the same without Ryan. He shares the GPC families love for the outdoors and making new friends.



Ground Pounder Coffee

is an adventure loving, friendship seeking company who happens to offer some of the highest quality, amazingly delicious whole bean coffee, offered at competitive prices. We aim to become a nationally recognized brand with people who love coffee, adventure, and friendship. We are dedicated to reducing waste through responsible packaging and continuously seeking out the latest brewing equipment and techniques that produce the best flavors and render little to no waste.



      The company logo remains relatively unchanged from its original rendition. The logo was designed around the founder’s favorite things and incorporated his ideals in life. Probably the most significant aspect of the logo is the mountain, a strong and everlasting structure signifying his desire for a solid foundation. The mountain was the only real change from the first drawing: it now incorporates twin peaks representing himself and his wife standing as one. The name “GROUND POUNDER COFFEE” was derived from a couple different meanings; The founder was an Infantryman, who are often referred to as Grunts or Ground Pounders. The idea of putting boots on the ground also encapsulates his love for getting out and exploring the world, Pounding Ground.