Q: How is GPC’s coffee roasted?

A: We do extensive pre-cupping of all lots that come in. Once a lot is selected, we retain a green sample from the approval lot. We compare that coffee to the arrival sample when it comes into the US and make sure what we approved is what we received. We small batch, fire roast on a 1939 Jabez Burns roaster...it is very old school. Nothing is computerized. Our roast master is all about time, temp, sound, smell and taste and a TON of experience. We roast all coffee as a single origin and the blend after the coffee is air cooled. We never use water to cool the coffee and we never pre-blend different coffee before roasting. Green coffee is different sizes, and lends to burning coffee if it is pre-blended..

Q: Why doesn’t GPC offer “K-Cup” style packaging?

A: In a nutshell… Tremendous WASTE. This style of packaging may be convenient however it typically delivers less than desirable flavor and adds unnecessary cost. In order to eliminate the marginal flavor and excessive cost GPC offers The Adventurer’s Pack that includes a no waste single serve brewer, a burr grinder and premium hole bean coffee. You’ll save money, reduce waste and enjoy fantastic coffee with every cup! Oh, and after brewing the remaining grounds can be thrown into your garden, they are good for the soil. Plastic pods are non-recyclable and bad for the environment. We do, however, plan on offering refillable K-cup filters, so stay tuned!**

Q: How do I keep my beans fresh?

A: GPC’s packaging incorporates a resealable tab that will aid in retaining the delicious flavors of our beans. We recommend that you only grind what you will brew immediately and store the remaining beans in a cool dry place (never in the refrigerator… in our bag with the resealable tab in place in a cabinet will work perfectly) We recommend consuming your coffee within two to four weeks after opening in order to maximize freshness and flavor.

Q: Will GPC offer other flavors and decaffeinated coffees?

A: Yes. GPC plans to continuously update and add to our lineup of coffees in order to ensure all our customers have a variety to chose from. There is no set time-frame on the release of new flavors or decaffeinated coffees but please be assured, we will get them out as soon as possible.

Q: How do I properly clean a coffee maker?

A:  Pretty simple process and very inexpensive. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be back to enjoying great tasting coffee again soon. (NOTE: Clean your new coffee maker prior to the first brew. This will reduce the likelihood that your first few brews have a nasty plastic taste.)

1-      Fill the reservoir with equal parts vinegar and water.

2-      Start the brew cycle, stop half way through.

3-      Let it sit for 30 minutes.

4-      Re-start the brewing cycle.

Once complete discard the used vinegar and run several cycles of clean water through your brewer… Done and ready for some delicious Ground Pounder Coffee!

Q: How often do I need to clean my coffee maker?

A: Commonly its recommended to clean your coffee maker once a month. Adjust frequency to amount of use.